Key People

3 partners with 1 common DNA:
efficient innovation, a naturally multichannel approach, ethics and commitment.


Quantitative MR has been my core business since 1993. Experience with domestic and international MR agencies. My main areas of expertise include Finance, Energy & Utilities, TLCs and B2B.
Inquisitive by nature, I’ve always been keen on blending different market approaches and finding nimble metrics to hone in on and identify the most relevant data and indicators, with clarity and conciseness. I occasionally contribute to B2B trade magazines and I’m often invited to speak at conferences and seminars.

Anna Comincini: Research for passion

Over 25 years of experience in quantitative MR have shaped me into a specialist in the field; I have thrived in innovation-led international MR agencies and I am still passionate about it. FMCG – a department I was entrusted with by several agencies in the past – media, publishing, luxury and leisure are my core business areas, whose markets and most innovative approaches I have a deep knowledge of. As I see it, MR is all about meticulously investigating significance and meaning, in search of that unique interpretation key that turns research results into an actionable tool for the company. I often speak at conferences and seminars, where I am always glad to discuss market-specific trends and perspectives.

Laura Salvaderi: To infinity and beyond

A qualitative researcher by choice, education and passion. In over 20 years in the MR industry, my approach to all types of research themes has always been tailored to answer the client’s briefs using the most innovative tools and methods with efficacy in mind. Curiosity, continuous professional development, complexity streamlining, forward-thinking approach to reach beyond the here and now, pragmatism count as my keywords. As a speaker, I have taken part in conferences and seminars, which I regard as invaluable opinion-sharing grounds; my business background also includes a few assignments from university institutions.

Clara Salmeri: “It could work!” … but first let’s understand why, how and for whom